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"Okiagari Koboshi" has the kindness and warmth that you have forgotten.
We aim to be a store where you can feel the nostalgia of your hometown and the relaxing and dear time that you can return to your true self. Please come to the store once.

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Enjoy in a calm private room

Many seasonal dishes

Our shop offers customers delicious Aizu sake and Aizu cuisine with a nostalgic taste.
Surrounded by the nature of Fukushima Prefecture, it is loved by locals and many tourists.
A long time ago, many military commanders, including Mr. Date, visited Tsuruga Castle.
We would like to convey to our customers the many natures of Aizu and the good old history.


For meetings and dinners

A higher-grade bento

Nowadays, I have to be careful about eating outside.

At Okiagari Koboshi, we want you to enjoy seasonal ingredients and the best techniques at home, so you can also use lunch boxes for takeout.

We pride ourselves on being able to use it in a wide variety of situations, such as dining on special occasions or meeting with loved ones.

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